last night was an evening of guilt free pleasure, and of course today i am feeling slightly seedy. a night up The Cross will do that to you!

no seriously, it was nothing like that. we just went out for dinner for kris’ birthday. this wasnt any old dinner though. it was a GAME OF THRONES dinner!! and not in some tent in a paddock either, but at a rather fine dining establishment called  GastroParK. apparently to celebrate the release of season one on dvd (but more likely to have us salivating for season two), they’re running a Game of Thrones dinner option. its only for 4 people, and only on certain nights, and only for a limited time, but we were lucky enough to secure a table.

im going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking. look away now if you’re offended by the idea of people enjoying good food.

firstly heres’ the birthday girl, looking suitably tall and willowy. thats her lovely husband in the back ground.

she even blow dried her hair for the occasion. i wore all black in hopes of running into my soul mate jon snow. no such luck but there was a very hip sommelier, wearing sneakers, of course.

we were then joined by kunaal:

ordered cocktails (mine’s a mock, i’d like to think it was dragons blood)

and in between discussions of the feminist (or not) implications of world of warcraft, we ate some amazing food. i forgot to bring home a menu so cant remember all the ingredients but it goes something like this. bread, butter and salt:

of course. bleeding stag:

strips of just-seared venison served with dragon eye balls (quail eggs) roast cherry tomotoes french radishes and edible garlic soil. the venison was melt-in-the-mouth and the soil was very moorish! then crushed skull and rusted armour:

with an edible teumpura? ravens claw and explode in your mouth (she said) pumpkin balls in some amazing soup (served in a half dragon egg!). main course was pork. of course. and not just any old pork:

a whole leg, to cut and serve yourself, with brilliant crackling and wonderful roasted fruit including grapes, plums, nectarines and figs. swoon. kris did a good job of getting everything off the bone:

you’d think by now we’d be stuffed, but we werent really, they were reasonable size serves, and the pork leg wasnt like one of those christmas ham size things. they were obviously saving us up for dessert. the golden crown:

the molten gold was poured over the dragon egg (rather than viserys’ head) which promptly exploded pouring passionfruit goodness all over the chocolate mousse, vanilla creams frozen into pieces of The Wall and various soils and crumbs. there were no bowls, it was just eat straight from the tray. it was fantastic. and we ate the lot.

sometime later we staggered out onto darlinghurst rd in a sugar-stoned haze

and i even managed to drive home (singing requiem at the top of my voice). i was pretty buzzy for a while and took a long time to get to sleep, and today i’ve felt decidely hung over, but sometimes you’ve just got to live dangerously.

it was a great night, a worthy celebration for a terrific friend. may there be many more.

k x